Rusty Z's Baptism - November 30, 2013

The Holy Baptism of Rusty (St. Gerasimos of the Jordan) took place at our parent Church, Christ the Saviour, in McComb, Mississippi

Chrismation is the holy mystery by which a baptized person is granted the gift of the Holy Spirit through anointing with oil.
As baptism is a personal participation in the death and Resurrection of Christ,
Chrismation is a personal participation in the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Baptismal tonsure (cutting of hair)

Tonsure consists of the cutting of four locks of hair in a cruciform pattern:

at the front of head as the Priest says "In the Name of the Father",
at the back of head at the words "and the Son",
and on either side of the head at the words "and the Holy Spirit".
The hair which has been cut is burnt in the flame of the Baptismal candle.

Rusty and his Godparents Preston and Brittany