Covid-19: Services resume for up to 48 persons


Dear faithful in Christ, 

We have been blessed by our Dean to immediately begin accommodating a maximum of 48 people at services. 

Please contact me at or 601-310-2256 to make an appointment for Confession and to receive Holy Communion. If you are unable to attend services, please pray at home, and/or follow online worship services  by clicking here.

Please note and help us adhere to the following guidelines as laid out by our Diocese and provided by our Archbishop:


  • Use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the Temple. Sanitizer will be provided at the greeting table near the entrance.

  • Note that the Temple has been marked to facilitate "social distancing".  Please stand on one of the tape marks on the floor. Families will stand together around one mark.

  • All in attendance, except for choir singers, concelebrants and readers (while reading), must wear cloth masks or face coverings according to CDC guidelines.  These should obviously be removed for Holy Communion and promptly reapplied again. Children under the age of 8 are not required to wear face masks or coverings. We will have a few masks on hand if you arrive without one.|

  • Do not kiss anything - icons, priest's hand, Chalice, etc.

  • When receiving Holy Communion, hold the red cloth under your mouth as usual to catch anything that might fall, but do not wipe your mouth on the cloth. Use the Kleenex that will be provided to you to wipe your mouth and then place it in the container; it will be burned.

  • When the service is over, please do not loiter inside to chat; go outside and observe social distancing. There will be no Church School or coffee hour.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Looking forward to seeing you in Church! God Bless you!

In Christ,

Fr. Alexis