New/Old Calendar Dates for Nativity and Theophany

Christ is born!  Glorify Him! 

January 15, 2020 - Update:

Father Alexis and his family were called out of town unexpectedly today.  Thus, we will not have Theophany Vespers and Festal Divine Liturgy on January 18/19, respectively.


November 28, 2020

Dear Faithful in Christ, 

I am very grateful for all of your prayers and support of my ministry here in Mississippi. These prayers and this support enables me to serve across the state in a unique, but very needed way. As you all know, I serve three different Missions: Christ the Saviour in McComb, Holy Cross in Hattiesburg, and St. Catherine in Columbus.   

In order to provide a fuller opportunity for spiritual blessing and festal joy to more of our Mission communities, I have asked and received a Blessing from our Archbishop Alexander to serve Nativity and Theophany services on both regular calendar and the Old Calendar dates. Please note that on our Home page, Old Calendar dates follow current calendar dates after the / and are in italics and parentheses

This means I will serve December 24 and 25, 2020 Nativity (Christmas) services and January 6, 2021 Theophany services at St. Catherine, and (January 7, 2021) Nativity (Christmas) and (January 19, 2021) Theophany services at Holy Cross in Hattiesburg. 

Holy Cross is not permanently switching to the Julian calendar (Old Calendar), but I asked that we be allowed to serve Nativity and Theophany services on the Old Calendar, instead of the regular calendar, in order for more folks in the Mission to be able to fully celebrate these specific feasts. In fact, many of our parishioners at Holy Cross Mission have experience with the Old Calendar.  

As such, serving Nativity and Theophany on the Old Calendar at Holy Cross requires a slight adjustment for the months of December and January. Beginning immediately, our webmaster and bulletin publisher Finnian (Seamus) is publishing our material online and in email with a calendar date that appears in the following format: “Sunday, November 29 / (November 16)".

This means that the first date, November 29, is the current date on the regular calendar. The date that follows the slash is the date on the Old Calendar. While it may seem a little confusing, just remember one simple thing: the Old Calendar date is 13 days earlier than our current date.  

We will commemorate the Synaxis of the Holy Glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist John on (January 20) and return to our usual calendar on January 21.  

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me anytime by text/phone at 601.310.2256 or at 

In Christ,
Fr. Alexis Baldwin